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Your conference for leadership in the digital age!

26. & 27. September 2019

Vienna, Hotel Novotel & Live-Stream

Level up your leadership skills and equip yourself with knowledge and practical advice in the fields of

Agile leadership  I  Digital productivity  I  Empowerment in digital times  I  Leadership impact  I  New learning  I  Working out loud  I  Gaming for innovation  I  SCRUM  I  and many more!

Surf the waves of digitalization and disruption

Join 100 like-minded leaders and HR professionals and level up your mindset, skillset and toolset for being a successful leader in the digital transformation and disruption.

Thursday, 26th September
Conference Day

See what’s out there, meet inspiring thought leaders, dive into new topics and approaches and take what serves you most.

  • 9 inspiring key notes from leadership experts and real disruption surfers
  • 4 different topics covering all aspects of leadership in the digital transformation
  • relaxed and intimate atmosphere
  • plenty of time and opportunities to network
  • Dinner & after-party



Friday, 27th September 2019
Workshop Day

After you filled your head and heart with all kind of leadership impulse, strategies, tools and approaches, this is the time to get going and to actually work on your challenges.

  • Kick-off keynote
  • 12 intense workshop sessions
  • 6 pre-arranged workshop topics: Working out load, gaming for innovation, SCRUM, …
  • 6 barcamp-style sessions with spontanous agenda design & waiting for your individual challenge
  • Intense work in small groups (10-15 people)
  • Afternoon chill-out

Live on Stage

Meet leadership experts and real digitalization surfers sharing their approach for successful agile leadership & leadership in the digital transformation.

Jürgen Appello

Jürgen Appello

Speaker and best-selling leadership author

Marilena Maris

Marilena Maris

Executive Coach & Consultant, MDI

Gunther Fürstberger

Gunther Fürstberger

CEO of MDI Management Development International

Barbara Czak-Pobeheim

Barbara Czak-Pobeheim

CEO of Volksbank Akademie

Dominik Etzl

Dominik Etzl

Solution Development Manager, MDI

Tina Deutsch

Tina Deutsch

CEO of Haufe Advisory

Matthias Strolz

Matthias Strolz

Impact entrepreneur and serial founder in business, civil society and politics

Toni Chung

Toni Chung

Innovation & Facilitation Expert

And more to come!

Conference Day 1

Thursday, 26th September 2019

Join our cozy conference room, sit face to face with experienced leadership experts on stage and absorb inspiration and practical tips
for your individual challenges as a leader in the digital transformation.

Day 1

Thursday, 26th September 2019

Join our cozy conference room, sit face to face with our experts and amazing leaders on stage and absorb inspiration and practical tips
for your individual challenges as a leader in the digital transformation.

Purple: Session takes place in English.

Grau: Session findet auf Deutsch statt.

Purple: Session takes place in English.

Grau: Session findet auf Deutsch statt.

Mindset for innovation, productivity and growth

09.00 - 09.30 - Leadership in the Digital Transformation // Opening Keynote by MDI CEO Gunther Fürstberger

In the opening keynote, MDI CEO Gunther Fürstberger will approach the topic of leadership in the digital disruption by diving into both threats and chances the digitalization brings with it. Doing so he’ll let you participate in the ups and downs of MDI’s very own Agile Change Journey including: the unfortunate year 2016, agile kick-off, learnings alongside our transformation process, results so far and possible strategies for a successful future.

09.30 - 10.00 - Session details coming soon!
10.00 - 10.30 - Productivity Rockstars® // Marilena Maris, Executive Coach and Consultant

The digital era brings us astonishingly powerful ways and tools to work and grow businesses, online and offline, any time, any place.

Nevertheless we are constantly being challenged by the downside of digitalization: we are hyper connected, always on, we usually deal with information overload and “burn out” became a “thing”.

Productivity Rockstars® is a new take on how we work in the digital era and how to make the best use of the astonishingly powerful tools out there.

It is designed as a guided approach towards sustainable growth and high performance and meant to empower leaders, knowledge workers, teams and organizations to simplify time, work smarter and grow in a sustainable, healthy way.

Productivity Rockstars® learn how to: develop the right mindset for growth and high performance, design individual workflows for productivity and set up their unique (digital) eco systems by wisely selecting the right tools.

While there is no magic ap or “3 step formula” towards digital productivity, Marilena Maris strongly believes that any one can become a Productivity Rockstar®. 

Toolset for leaders in the digital transformation

11.00 - 12.15 - Shakeup and Speedup // Jürgen Appello, Speaker and bestselling leadership author

Starting new teams and scaling up innovation is more important than ever. The key to success is applying different practices in different stages of the innovation lifecycle. What works for a new business does not work for a mature one, and vice versa. In this talk, we will nosedive into the major good practices for business leaders and product teams, from the moment they have an innovative idea to the day they will scale it up (or screw it up). Everything depends on the lifecycle stage of the new product or service.

12.15 - 13.00 - How to facilitate empowerment // Toni Chung , Facilitation Expert

Talking about agile leadership or agile working tools, you often hear about autonomy, one’s own initiative and engagement as key factors for innovation and productivity within teams and organizations. But how to create an environment that really empowers teams and employees? How can you as a leader actively work with dynamics between people, deal with insecurities and win a group of people for a shared vision and mission? Facilitation & innovation expert Toni Chung talks about facilitation skills and the importance of empowerment in change processes as a crucial missing link to agile tools and new work strategies that really have an impact.

Leadership Impact & Co-Creation

14.00 - 14.30 - Leadership Impact - The Currency of the 21st Century // Dominik Etzl, Solution Development Manager

We live in a time of many opportunities (internet of things, automatization, easy access to information, …). And also in a time of many challenges (climate change, artificial intelligence, migration, …). This is why leadership impact, the conscious and purposeful direction of our action’s impact, has become more important than ever. Correspondingly we see a new type of leaders emerge: Greta Thunbergs, Boyan Slats and Alexander Müllers. Vision and impact have become the currency and prerequisite in trade for high potential. What do digitalization and millennials have to do with it? And where as a leader can I start creating impact to succeed in the 21st century economy? 

14.30 - 15.00 - Session details coming soon! // Tina Deutsch, CEO Haufe Advisory

Best Practice Diving – Geschichten Erfolgreicher DigitalisierungssurferInnen

15.30 - 16.00 - Digitalisierungssurferin Dr. Barbara Czak-Pobeheim, Geschäftsführender Vorstand der Volksbank Akademie
16.00 - 17.00 - How to disrupt yourself // Matthias Strolz, Impact Entrepreneur und Seriengründer

“Disrupt yourself or be disrupted”, sagte schon Cisco CEO John Chambers. Warum? Die Welt, in der wir heute leben ist VUKA geprägt – volatil, unsicher, komplex und ambivalent. Wenn wir uns negativen und destruktiven Dynamiken bewusst nicht hingeben wollen, müssen wir in unsere Entscheidungs- und Handlungsfähigkeit investieren. Wenn wir statt ohnmächtigen PassagierInnen die PilotInnen unseres eigenen Lebens sein wollen, müssen wir die Dynamiken proaktiver Disruption verstehen und für uns nutzen. Die Frage lautet also: Wie kann ich daran arbeiten, mich selbst immer wieder neu zu erfinden? Wie kann ich mein volles Potential entfalten? Matthias Strolz – Impact Entrepreneur und Seriengründer in Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft und Politik – präsentiert fünf Schritte für erfolgreiche persönliche Disruption und Entwicklung.

17.00 - 17.30 - Q&A Panel // Zeit für Fragen, Austausch, Diskussion mit allen Digi-SurferInnen auf der Bühne

Workhop Day 2

Friday, 27th September 2019

Get ready to dive deeper!
Four workshop rooms and a team of experts in different fields are ready to work with you.
Choose a pre-arranged workshop or bring your own topic or challenge and advance it
together with a great team of leadership experts.

Opening Keynote Day 2:

Working Out Loud
The power of networked cooperation & leadership

Katharina Krentz, Consultant New Work & Digital Cooperation, WOL Coach



Detailed workshop schedule added soon!

Look forward to sessions on working out loud, gaming for innovation, SCRUM, new learning methods and much more!

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  • Thursday, 26th September
  • Live online access to all key notes from Conference Day 1

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  • Thursday, 26th September
  • Live experience of all key notes on Day 1
  • Delicious food & beverage
  • Documentation material (presentations, pictures, recording of all sessions)
  • Networking Night & Dinner

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  • 26th + 27th September
  • All Conference Benefits from Day 1
  • Kick-Off Keynote 
  • Intense workshop experience: Bring your own topic and work with experienced experts on your individual challenge in up to three 1,5 hour sessions
  • Concert & Networking Chill-Out

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